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CalTech x SolarEdge

SolarEdge combines world-class technology and relentless innovation to bring smart energy solutions to your home.

With a combination of high-performance PV power optimizers and inverters, exceptional safety, advanced monitoring, smart home energy management, and comprehensive 25 year warranty,  you can save money and power your home with green, future-ready solar technology.

SolarEdge 48V Battery

SolarEdge Home Battery 400V

With 9.7kWh of storage, the SolarEdge Home Battery 400V sets new standards for system efficiency, safety and ease of use. Designed to work seamlessly with SolarEdge single phase inverters, the battery delivers industry-leading 94.5% roundtrip system efficiency using direct DC coupling SolarEdge Home inverters allow a high DC oversizing rate of up to 200%, and the battery provides an ideal storage option for housing all the excess power that exceeds the inverter rating and re-directing it to power an EV charger, a water heating system, and more.

SolarEdge Home

Smart Energy Ecosystem

SolarEdge Home is a smart energy ecosystem that allows homeowners to control and optimise their solar production and consumption. Automating smart energy management, SolarEdge Home includes battery storage, backup, EV charging and energy devices, to bring you greater savings and even closer to energy independence.

SolarEdge Home is a single-vendor solution managed entirely by the mySolarEdge app. So, with SolarEdge Home, you can benefit from greater cost savings and optimized solar usage.